Thursday, February 10, 2011

New Starplaza + HB earrings

I'm too lazy to post to things & they are at the same place. ;D
Starplaza was edited since yesterday or Tuesday (I dunno exactly).
Do you like it ? You can check it out, too !

& there are Puurple ()

Earrings= HB Earrings..

do you like them ?

They are for Superstars, of course, like everytime & they cost 14 Stardollars.

I think it's too much for a pair of earrings, don't you ? But I like them .

xoxo Clara


(:Lucy:) said...


Anya :x said...

Wtf? 14 SD? This earrings are ordinary but more fur .I like it they are purple-my favourite colour but 14 SD..

Clara|Clara_Clary ♥ said...

Yeah, I love 'em too but I would never give 14 SDs for 'em .